The Coral Reefs of Palau: Nature’s Amazing Underwater Cities

Virtual field trip video, grades 3–8



Join our expert scientist, marine biologist Stephanie Wear, on a virtual field trip to the coral reefs of Palau where you'll explore amazing underwater cities found near a remote network of islands in the Pacific Ocean. Our journey to the coral reefs will open your eyes to an amazing, interconnected ecosystem built on symbiosis, where diverse organisms are designed to protect, clean, nourish, and even camouflage one another. In this natural factory, the coral supports its many “workers” and they, in turn, keep the coral healthy. Download the teacher's guide for more resources related to the content, including a field trip log for use during the trip, a list of post-viewing discussion questions, and a variety of labs and activities. The content of this virtual field trip is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and the National Geography Standards.


Teacher's Guide



mutualism, ocean, coral

Published April 2015, updated July 2016