Fishing for a Future

Lesson plan with video, grades 9–12



In this set of activities, students explore sustainable fishing through a specific case study in Peru, which is home to one of the world’s largest fisheries. The challenges to the health of fisheries in the waters off the coast of Peru represent a microcosm of the larger world as similar challenges are faced by fisheries everywhere. The need to protect the ecosystem and effectively manage its resources are important both for the health of the ecosystem and for the communities that depend on it. This lesson includes: interactive story maps that explore the Humboldt Current and El Niño and artisanal fishing; a fisheries management activity using data; and a Socratic Seminar that explores the challenges of open access fishing areas.

A Spanish version of the above video is included below. The entire lesson in Spanish is also available.


Published February 2016, updated May 2016