Journey of Water: From Colombia’s Páramo to the Kitchen Sink

Virtual field trip video, grades 3–8




Roughly the size of Texas and Oklahoma combined, Colombia is the second most biologically diverse country on Earth—home to 10% of Earth’s plant and animal species! There are over 300 different ecosystems in Colombia. In this virtual field trip, we will explore the magical páramo ecosystem and the stunning mountain landscapes found just beyond the capital city of Bogotá.

Students will see what it’s like to walk among towering, furry, sunflower-like plants that capture the mist and rain, ultimately providing water for city residents downstream. And they’ll see moss that can hold 40 times its weight in water—it’s true! They’ll also learn about the incredible wildlife in the area including spectacled bears, tapirs, jaguars, and Andean condors. Along the way, students will explore where water comes from, how nature works to store and filter water, and how they can help protect water in their hometown.

This video is an optimized recording of an event held on April 19, 2018.


Teacher Materials

  • The Journey of Water: Teacher’s Guide
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Student Handouts

  • The Journey of Water: Discussion Questions
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  • The Journey of Water: Virtual Field Trip Log
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  • The Journey of Water: Vocabulary Graphic Organizer
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  • The Journey of Water: Nature Spy


South America, water, watershed

Published May 2018