The Secret Life of Corals: A Dominican Republic Adventure

Virtual field trip video, grades 3–12



Is it a rock? Is it a plant? Or is it something else entirely? Discover the amazing world of coral reefs with coral scientist Joe Pollock, as he takes us on a virtual field trip to the beautiful coastline of the Dominican Republic. We’ll dive into the waters of the Caribbean to see how corals form, the way they grow into reefs, and how they support an incredible array of plants and animals.

Covering less than 1% of the ocean floor, coral reefs are home to an estimated 25% of all marine species. That’s why they’re often called the rainforests of the sea! Explore this amazing ecosystem and learn how the reefs are more than just a pretty place—they provide habitat for the fish we eat, compounds for the medicines we take, and even coastal protection during severe weather.

Learn how these fragile reefs are being damaged by human activity and climate change, and how scientists from The Nature Conservancy and local organizations are developing ways to restore corals in the areas where they need the most help.

So, come aboard the boat with Joe and our team of experts as we explore one of the most breathtaking, and important, places in the ocean, and learn about the science that’s helping bring nature back to life, and how you can help!

This virtual field trip is made possible with support from the Bezos Family Foundation and their Students Rebuild Challenge.

Bezos Family Foundation
Bezos Family Foundation
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Students Rebuild

Published March 2019, updated May 2019