Water: The Source of Life

Lesson plan with video, grades 9–12




As water travels across our planet, it shapes our environment, connects all living things, and is critical for survival. But how does our water get from its source to its destination, and what does it encounter along the way? This video follows the journey of water to find out how one city, Bogotá, Colombia, gets water from its source in Chingaza National Park and the surrounding páramo ecosystem. Along the way, learn about the people and communities whose health and well-being depend on this vital resource.

Also on this page, check out the two lesson plans and handouts to accompany the video, on the topics of biomimicry as a solution for water security and watershed engagement in the community.

A Spanish version of the above video is included below.




Teacher Materials

  • Biomimicry: Water Security Inspired by Nature Lesson Plan
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  • Biomimicry Examples
  • Finding Your Flow: A Toolkit for Watershed Engagement Lesson Plan
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Student Handouts


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Published March 2018, updated April 2018