Our Supporters

Nature Works Everywhere is very grateful to have had these passionate partners. Our efforts would not have been possible without their collaboration.

Lowe’s, a Fortune 50 home improvement company, has a fifty-year history of community support through K–12 public education and community improvement projects.

Lowe’s has supported the Conservancy’s work for over a decade, contributing more than $10 million to protect important freshwater and forest lands across North America, to advance environmental youth programs, and to help build the next generation of conservationists.

To learn more, visit the Lowe’s Corporate Responsibility web page.

CH2M Foundation

CH2M Foundation was founded by CH2M, a global engineering and consulting firm that partners with governments, communities, businesses, and corporations to deliver sustainable development and resource management solutions for infrastructure and industry.

CH2M Foundation partners with organizations and schools to develop sustainable communities and to promote science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education by fostering employee engagement. Together with The Nature Conservancy, CH2M Foundation piloted a Green Infrastructure and STEM Education Project for high schools.

To learn more, visit the CH2M Foundation web page.

Daphne and Stuart Wells Fund for Nature

The Daphne and Stuart Wells Fund for Nature was founded by donors Daphne and Stuart Wells.

Our support for TNC and its youth programs stem from two experiences. The first being our three month camping trip across the country when we left NYC in 1968 and the awe we felt in the intricacies and beauty of living systems. The second is the belief at the heart of our teaching careers that unfolding the potential of the next generation is a key responsibility in life. Protecting nature throughout the world and giving young people the opportunity to become active participants in it, is an obvious philanthropic choice for us.Daphne and Stuart Wells